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Application: -

Bone grinding & sizing in different micron size as per industries requirement. The main users of Bone grinding powder are gelatine manufacture who supply their products to pharma Application & its related industries.

This Entire System Consists Of:-

1. Belt conveyor: -
This conveyor feed the different size of Bone to the Pulverise (Hammer - Mill).

2. Bone Milling: -
(Hammer Mill - A size Reduction Unit) which grind the require size. This mill having specially designed hammers & dynamically balanced Rotor.

3. Roto sifter: -
After size reduction the grind material passes through roto sifter for sieving purpose. This Roto Sifter having multiple stage system / Grading - a unique system for necessary sinews separation arrangement.

4. Bucket Elevators: -
These Elevators are used for feeding the ground Bone into the Roto sifter for sieving in different sizes.

5. Vibrating Screen: -
These Elevators are used for feeding the ground Bone into the Roto sifter for sieving in different sizes.

This Equipments separate the fines & Coarse Bone. The Coarse particle, (Bones) are further feed to the Hammer mill to get the fine Bone as per requirement.

The Entire system is designed in such a way that it operates trouble free & Smoothly and trial products are available in uniformly distributed different grades (Size) to suit the Specific requirement of various user industries.

The system is available in different capacities & final grades can be varied to suit customer’s requirement & budget.

We recently supplied one complete system to one prestigious Clint who is Asia's the biggest gelatine manufacture plant in India.

Efficient installation from Premium: -

We have one complete system installation at Hyderabad, India.

Principle of operation:-

Premium Hammer Mill with Hammers of unique design which is meant for rubber application.

The specially designed Hammer is ideally suitable for cutting / tearing / rubber particles to fibre pieces. Rubber has a tendency to bounce when a Hammer hits it & hence the special type of hammer designed for having the efficiency to achieve the better result in fibre - rubber separation from Hammer mill.

After Hammer mill ground material goes to two-Deck vibrating screen for sieving the fibre & rubber.

The Rotor assembly of Hammer mill is dynamically balanced and having fitted in self-aligning ball bearing fitted in a housing to give trouble free long services. The hammers made of EN - 32 - B and case hardened to require RC


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