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Premium we design, manufacture & supply Grain Cleaning, Grinding with flour conveying plants for various distilleries on Turnkey basis of 2 MT/hr to 20 MT/hr. Capacity & More.


It is our understanding that several licenses have been issued for grain like rice, Juwar, Maize, millet etc. or Topioca / Cassava based plants In India.

The Following process operations are needed to transform grain into high grade flour for Distilleries plants.

  » Pre - cleaning: -
It removes lumps of soil, light particles, pebbles etc.
  » Magnetic Separators: -
It removes iron particles from the grain.
  » Destoner: -
We provide vacuum type destoner, which removes stones from the grains.
  » Grinding Mill: -
Premium offer specially designed star type Hammer Mill. This single Mill is giving upto 10 TPH on grains with suitable Screen Size & Electric Motor.
  » Screening of ground Flour: -
Premium offer Roto Sifter which gives require particle Distribution size of flour for proper fermentation.
  » Flour Storage Silos: -
Premium & Design Fabricate the Day - Bin - Flour storage silos as per customers require capacity like 25 MT, 30 MT, 50 MT etc.
  » Bin Activators: -
Premium Incorporate this Equipment in silos for proper unloading of the flour. It fitted on such a way that it ensures dust - free operation.
  » Weigh Hopper with load cell: -
Weigh feeder controller is a micro controller based state of the art design automatic weighing bases feeding controller which controls the material & stores the data with the time stamp.
  » Salient features of weigh hopper: -
  • Load cell & junction Box.Mother Card.Key Board & Display.
  • Input - Output Board..
  » Unique Features: -
It Updates the batch no. And the totalizer & stores the data into the memory with the time & data of the material transferred and print out of the same can be taken on the printer.
  » Aspiration System: -
Premium offer aspiration system for Mill & silos which includes Blower, Cyclone, Dust Collector, Ducting, Rotary Air lock valve. It gives dust free operation & good health atmosphere to the distilleries Plants.
  » Control & Automation: -
We offer as per customers requirement.
  » Spares for the plant: -
We are having ready - stock of screens for Grinding Plates, Hammers sets & Rotor assembly etc for hammer Mill.

Premium Provide after sales services on demands.

We request to you please send your valuable Enquiry to us to enable to our offer to you.

For your Reference here we are attaching our "Q" form with request to fill - up & Email / write to us also for prompt action from our side.


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