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»Premium Pesticide Formulation System:

Premium offer Dust free Pesticide formulation plants in India.

We are knowing that various types of pesticides unduly using by agriculturist, Pest control user, Fungicides, Herbicides, go-down of food control of India etc.

  » For pesticides, Premium developed: -
A fine grinding equipment called turbo classifier mill with pneumatic cyclone & pulse Air jet collector, Rotary Air lock valve supporting steel structure.

We strongly believe that pesticides having a hazardous nature & it effects health of human being in the plant so Premium decided to give pulse air jet type dust collector with turbo - classifier mill (grinding mill).

The principal features of Reverse pulse. Air jet system is that high pressure or high velocity air is injected in the "opposite" direction to the direction of movement of dusty Air. This reverse pulse airjet stream is introduced in the form of pulse & having following results: -

  1. These causers fine particles stuck in the cloth to eject from the cloth.
  2. It shakers the filter cloth which helps in dislodging the powder stuck on outer surface of the cloth.
The net result is that the filter medium is free of dust.
Advantage: -
Because of ensuring cleaned filter medium the equipment can have lesser filtration area & still maintain high efficiency of dust collector.
The Pesticides Plant we can offer upto 500 kg/hr on request.
Please write or email to us your valuable enquiry to enable us to offer the same.


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