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Application: PREMIUM Plastic Grinding System are grinding low & high-density plastic materials like; HDPE, LDPE, PE, PVC, PC & similar heat sensitive materials.


Principle of Operation.

The material in granular form is fed from a feeding hopper to the Pulveriser. The material is Pulverised between two serrated discs & then air conveyed to a Screening equipment. The coarse material is recycled to the Pulveriser for further size reduction. The fine (desired) Powder can be filled in bags or containers.

  1. Grinding by shear.
  2. Cool grinding Chamber Because of large Airflow due to design of mill & Blower.

  1. Grinding gap between the two grinding discs can be adjusted from the outside of the machine.
  2. This Disc Mill does not have any Screen so no problem of chocking & excess heat generation.
  3. The Body of the mill is water jacketed & fabricated out of heavy mild steel. We used graded material EN-41-B for disc mill & main shaft made of EN - 8. dynamically balanced for smooth operation. This system provides noise less operation and trouble free working and mode from EN-8 material.
  4. Several options are available to simplify the cleaning process.
  5. The front door with the grinding disc can be opened easily, thus making the grinding chamber accessible for easy & fast clearing.
  6. Suitable Structural platform is supplied for Ease of operation. Necessary spare parts also ready available at our factory.

Main Advantage of Premium Plastic grinding system: -

  • Higher output.
  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • Compact Design (Less Space)
  • Automatic system.
  • Highly efficient system.
  • Economically Viable


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