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  • Uniform Flow
  • Regulated output
  • Economicaly Priced


» 'Premium' rotary Valves :-

This is the simplest form of vane feeder, which consists of a rotating pocketed rotor operating in a housing so that pockets receive material from one opening in the housing and delover it through another. The control of material flow is obtained by regulating the speed of the rotor.

The type of valve offered by us as standard is recommended for handling fine, pulverised or granular materials, small enough in size and sufficiently friable so that lumps will not jam between the close fitting radial vanes and the housing. Material enters the housing from above and as the rotor revolves, each pocket discharges as it reaches the opening in the bottom .Clearance between the vanes and the housing is kept such that it prevents free passage of housing is kept such that it prevents free passage of air between inlet and outlet sides of the feeder.

Side opening valves also available.

» Special Features of 'premium' Rptary Valves :-

(1)   Body of close grained cast iron or Fabricated from M.S. amply proportioned to provide        adequate strength and rigidity.

(2) Rotor of M.S. with shaftends machined accurately and mounted on anti-friction        bearings.

(3)  Rotor vane edges machined and fitted with Special fibre linings to provide close fit        between housing and rotor.

(4)  Rotor speed regulated to give rated output considering the system efficiency.

(5)  S.S. Construction can be offered on request

» Technical Specification :-
Dia. of the
(I.D. in mm)
Over-all Dimensions in mm
Opening size

Length Breadth Height  
PRV-0 1/2 105 120 75 250 0.6
PRV-1 1/2 210 200 150 400 5
PRV-2 1 265 250 175 450 10
PRV-3 1 315 300 195 500 18
PRV-4 1.5 400 400 270 550 38
PRV-5 1.5 450 450 300 600 57

Specification and design are subject to change without notice for any additional improvement.
» Note :-

(i) The capacities given above are based on Cattle feed having upon actul 0.6 gm/cc and      will vary depending upon actual material handled.

(ii) The specifications given above are subject to change without prior notice due to       improvements in design made from time to time.

(iii) Tailor made equipment can also be offered.

(iv) Higher capacity Rotary valve also can be offered.

     Specifications & designs are subject to change wihtout notice for any additional      improvement.




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