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The grinding characteristic of various materials like resins, gums, waxes hard rubbers, etc. are depend greatly upon their softening temperature.

Premium offer the complete system for fiber - Rubber separation system for rubber based industries.

We all are well aware that plastics & Rubber these two materials are not completely destroy to the Earth & it only changes the new formation as per industries & societies requirement as new products.

In various Rubber Industries waste product is predominantly rubber coated nylon fibres for this we have to literally tear the fibre & shred the same into pieces. There is a certain amount of adhesion of rubber on fibre which has to be weakened.

The premium, which leads the sets new standards, has no choice and methods of operation.

The premium did lot of advanced trials on fibre separation from Rubber in Hammer mill (Miracle Mill) a proven size reduction equipment at our well set up material trial room, at our factory a unique facility.

Premium fibre - Rubber Separation system consists: -

  1. Bucket Elevator (To feed the material to Hammer Mill)
  2. Hammer Mill (for size reduction & Separation of fibre & Rubber)
  3. Vibrating Screen (for sieving the ground Material)
  4. Mild steel Structure for the system
Principle of operation:-

Premium Hammer Mill with Hammers of unique design, which is meant, for rubber application.

The specially designed Hammer is ideally suitable for cutting / tearing / rubber particles to fibre pieces. Rubber has a tendency to bounce when a Hammer hits it & hence the special type of hammer designed for having the efficiency to achieve the better result in fibre - rubber separation from Hammer mill.

After Hammer mill ground material goes to two-Deck vibrating screen for sieving the fibre & rubber.
The Rotor assembly of Hammer mill is dynamically balanced and having fitted in self-aligning ball bearing fitted in a housing to give trouble free long services. The hammers made of EN - 32 - B and case hardened to require RC.


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